Saturday, August 13, 2011


I found in my letterbox the other day, a little hummingbird.  

Ok, ok.  It wasn't an actual hummingbird.  A skein of Handmaiden Casbah Sock in the fabulous colorway, Hummingbird.

This was my first experience with this yarn.  Somewhat shocking, considering my unhealthy love affair with all things cashmere.  In fact, I accidentally named my own Merino/Cashmere/Nylon sock yarn after it!

Isn't it beautiful?  The turquoise melds with almost a jade green, then shifts to a chestnut brown.  It captures the colors of the broad billed hummingbird almost perfectly.  Oh, and the soft factor!  I don't think there are words that can possibly describe how soft this is.  It's softer than Malabrigo.  Yes, really.

I'm still debating what I will make with it.  Most people seem to hoard, and keep it as a stash pet.  While stash pets are nice, I like for my yarn to be put to work!  Due to the yardage, this will likely become socks or a small shawl. 
I'm undecided on using cashmere for socks, though.  Is it a waste of good yarn, or a fabulous luxury for you feet?

I love how the colors play out in this shawl, by LaRubia on Ravelry.  But due to the variegation, I think I will opt for something more solid.  I feel as though the lace pattern at the bottom is a little lost in all the colors.

But then I saw these socks from AfternoonMoon, and I'm swayed back to the sock team.  Aren't they just stunning?

Sigh.  This yarn may have to remain a stash pet for a while, until I can make up my mind.  It's so hard to find the perfect project sometimes!

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