Friday, May 4, 2012

Gypsy Head Scarf

Materials Needed:
Any worsted weight yarn, about 50g.
J (6mm) hook
darning needle

Ch 144. (for the thinner one I did 134)
Skip the first 3 st, dc in next st. *ch1, skip one st, dc* to end of row.  Turn.
Ch 3, dc in next ch1 space, *ch1, dc in next ch1 space* to end.  Turn.
ch 1, dc between dc and ch3. Repeat this until desired width. The thin one had 4 rows. The purple and sky blue ones had 7.

Dread Holder

Ravelry made me take down my patterns in the format I had originally posted them.

So now I'm moving them here!

This is for my Dread Holder.

Worsted weight yarn.  Wool is the stretchiest, but any yarn will do.
J (6mm) hook
darning needle

Ch until it’s big enough for your head. I made about 70 for wool, 74 for acrylic, and 72 for cotton. Make sure you have an even number. Join in a loop, being careful not to twist.

ch 4 *Dc, ch1, skip next st* all the way around. sl st in top of ch 4 to join in round.

With each subsequent row, ch 4 *dc around next ch1, ch1* all the way around. st st in top of ch4 to join.

And that's it!  I like mine best 7-8 rows wide, but feel free to tweak as you see fit.