Friday, May 4, 2012

Gypsy Head Scarf

Materials Needed:
Any worsted weight yarn, about 50g.
J (6mm) hook
darning needle

Ch 144. (for the thinner one I did 134)
Skip the first 3 st, dc in next st. *ch1, skip one st, dc* to end of row.  Turn.
Ch 3, dc in next ch1 space, *ch1, dc in next ch1 space* to end.  Turn.
ch 1, dc between dc and ch3. Repeat this until desired width. The thin one had 4 rows. The purple and sky blue ones had 7.


  1. Simple and elegant. 8) Great for Ren Faires. Easy enough for a beginner to crochet, but it will look like the crocheter is an accomplished pro. ;)

  2. very nice. Thank you for sharing. I was just looking for a little something to make. This is perfect.

  3. I just whipped up two of these and now myself and my daughter are wearing them around the house. Love the pattern. Thanks! <3

  4. Austinite here Love this pattern

  5. I am giving this pattern a try using dk weight cotton. I can't wait to wear it. Thanks for the pattern.

  6. Awesome pattern! Thank you for sharing. I am making this head scarf for cancer patients.

  7. Forgive me, but, I'm somewhat confused with this particular step:

    ch 1, dc between dc and ch3. Repeat this until desired width.

    I don't understand this step.
    I'm not sure where I am supposed to do this. Thanks for your help.

    1. you DC in the ch3 spaces between the DC. its a mesh pattern. Happy Hooking! :)

  8. I'm confused with the last part as well. Is it a post stitch?

  9. the 134 stitch one i made is approximately 47 inches long using cotton and J hook.